Venture Capital

What We Do

Nicola Wealth’s Venture Capital team seeks direct and fund investments with an emphasis on four key verticals, while diversifying across strategies, stage, and in primaries and secondaries. We look to be a long-term partner on our highest-conviction investment opportunities primarily in North America.

$56M AUM

12 Fund commitments

7 Direct/co-investments

Dollars are in Canadian. Stats as of June 30, 2022.

What We Bring

  • Long-Term Partner: As a permanent capital provider and evergreen fund operator, we are a long-term investor with the ability to provide follow-on capital to businesses through their various stages of their development.
  • Robust Platform: Our complementary private equity and debt funds can support the evolving financing needs of our early-stage venture investments.
  • Entrepreneurial DNA: As a privately owned and fast-growing entrepreneurial firm, we are very familiar with speed and change, and look to help partners and founders build enduring businesses.

Our Verticals

We understand technology is always changing. Our emphasis will be on four key verticals while also investing more broadly in venture capital.

Fin Tech

We seek to partner with passionate teams developing innovative financial technologies that tackle real problems affecting people and businesses globally. We are focused on supporting companies that are working to enhance financial inclusion and to create more efficient access to financial services. As part of Nicola Wealth, one of the largest independent wealth managers in Canada, gives us a unique lens with which to assess emerging financial technologies and opportunities to be a value-added partner.

Health Tech

We strongly believe a massive opportunity exists to support the continued pace of digital adoption in the healthcare sector. We are focused on making investments in businesses that truly move the needle on patient health outcomes, either through cost reduction, improved care quality or enhanced access to care.

Education Tech

Historically, the education industry has operated under a talent-intensive brick & mortar business model. In the digital era, we believe there are significant opportunities to invest in technologies that will redefine how education is administered and consumed, leading to improved outcomes for students and a more productive workforce. We seek to invest alongside partners and founders that are passionate about the education industry with a track record for creating positive value.

Renewable Energy Tech

The energy transition is a clear secular trend that is creating attractive, high-growth investment opportunities that are both accretive to returns and positive for our environment. We seek operators and partners with deep industry knowledge, experience and investment track record.

Target Criteria

Direct Investment

  • Investment amount size: $500K – $2M
  • Investment thesis supported by strong industry factors and strong management teams

Fund Investment

  • Investment amount size: $3-10M
  • Established and emerging managers with excellent performance track records
  • Investment thesis supported by strong macro factors
  • An edge in sourcing and diligence, with ability to drive unique, proprietary deal flow
  • Demonstratable value-add to portfolio companies
  • Strong co-investment pipeline with attractive co-investment economics

Our Advisory Board

Rich Osborn

Hamid Abdollahi

Geoffrey Belsher

Peggy Van de Plassche

Kerri Golden