Innovative and Trusted Partners
Building Long-Term Value

$2.74B AUM

$1.48B+ Capital deployed (TTM)

27% 3-year CAGR, AUM growth

Dollars are in Canadian. Stats as of September 30, 2022.

Broadly Diversified Private Capital Solutions

Nicola Wealth Private Capital team operates complementary investment groups in private equity, venture capital, infrastructure assets, private debt, and real estate debt with the ability to invest across a company’s capital structure and across investment stages.

We are a professional and experienced team with a track record of efficient deal-execution across multiple private asset classes. The Nicola Wealth Private Capital team is fully integrated with our firm’s other investment teams, Public Markets and Real Estate, where we work collaboratively to source and vet investment opportunities across industries.

Trusted Long-Term Partners

Our fund vehicles are evergreen in nature. Unlike a traditional closed-end fund with a defined termination date, the evergreen structure gives us the flexibility to hold assets and focus on long-term growth, making Nicola Wealth a preferred partner for management teams and sponsors.

We have a strong track record of deal execution, giving our partners confidence in our ability to transact efficiently.

We are a nimble and creative team and our flexible platform gives us the ability to invest in a wide variety of innovative financing structures—our aim is to build long-term mutual confidence and work together to develop bespoke financing solutions with our partners.

Historically Stable and Growing Capital

The perpetual nature of our evergreen fund model removes the pressure faced by traditional closed-end funds to sell assets prematurely and gives us the ability to ride out sudden shifts and extended downturns in market cycles. The ability to recycle realized gains results in a compounding effect, driving continued growth in our asset base.

Our Private Capital funds are managed in-house as a division of Nicola Wealth, an award-winning wealth management firm with over 25 years of history in the financial services industry, managing over $11B in AUM. The firm’s in-house Advisory Services division maintains strong relationships with affluent families and individuals that have driven consistent growth in AUM across the firm and into the Private Capital funds.

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We are a diverse, entrepreneurial team of experienced equity and debt investors and asset management professionals overseeing $2.54B+ in private market assets globally

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